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CO2COMPASS is a collaborative and currently volunteer-based initiative composed of diverse network partners, many of whom have been working in energy transition and climate protection for decades. In our eyes, the climate crisis is a manifestation of an erroneous trend, seen in species extinction or the regional and global increases in social injustice as well. This is why we act.

Our vision: we want to overcome the climate crisis together, to make transparent the connection between reality and our actions, to create and raise awareness for the consequences of our actions and inactions and for the direction we must take. We want to embrace responsibility: a responsibility that respects life. Our efforts are directed at municipalities, their citizens and companies—all pivotal agents on the path to a communal present and sustainable future.

CO2COMPASS strengthens pioneers—not as competitors looking to win or lose, but as models of encouragement. We strive to reach out to and involve as many people as possible from all different milieus. Instead of the social divide, the active collaboration to shape this transformation to sustainability—that is our vision.

CO2COMPASS stems from two initiatives that both began in the fall of 2019:

Dr. Ulrich Leibfried, CEO of the company Consolar Solare Energiesysteme GmbH (Consolar Solar Energy Systems Ltd.), developed the basic concept for CO2COMPASS in conversation with many people from numerous areas of climate action, sustainability and democracy.

Jörg Ortjohann, executive of Stiftung Energieeffizienz (Energy Efficiency Foundation), began to build a network—based on a database for the building sector—in order to develop the sustainable data platform: a platform that makes climate action across the spectrum measurable and transparent.

A network of companies, dedicated individuals and volunteer organizations working in the various domains of CO2COMPASS quickly emerged. Those involved are committed to a common code with the utmost goal of protecting the climate:

  • The energy billing experts from SHERPA-X at Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Hall are planning to develop a central calculation solution for energy consumption, emissions and resulting charges for the participating municipalities.
  • The submetering service Comgy takes care of the a standardized collection of consumption data in multi-tenant buildings.
  • Leibfried Prozessbegleitung (Leibfried Facilitation) designs and develops the program's participation concepts.
  • Prof. Dr. Claus Pegatzky of GREENFORT Partnership of Lawyers surveyed the legal possibilities to implement the program.
  • Dr. Michael Heim—nature and progress—accompanies the organisational development of the initiative CO2COMPASS.

The CO2COMPASS initiative is provisionally supported by the Stiftung Energieeffizienz (Foundation Energy Efficiency).

In addition, we have a strong network of organisations and experts who support CO2COMPASS.

Committed and transparent

The work for the CO2COMPASS initiative is carried out on a voluntary basis and free of charge. Excluded from this are, for example, internal and external services and programming work necessary during the development phase, as well as expenses incurred during the municipal implementation of the concept, e.g. through citizen participation processes. These are financed by donations or subsidies.

Expenditures are disclosed in accordance with Transparency International's self-commitment (Self-Commitment Statement Energy Efficiency Foundation).

Organisations, companies and municipalities participating in the CO2COMPASS programme are committed to sustainability and an economy oriented towards the common good. Their involvement in CO2COMPASS is not intended to promote their own limited business interests, but to contribute to tackling the climate crisis.

The aim is to keep costs and effort as low as possible for a participating municipality. This is to be achieved through a high proportion of voluntary work.

The introduction of the CO2COMPASS programme in a municipality will trigger municipal tenders and also private investments. CO2COMPASS aims to involve local providers in the implementation as far as possible. As far as organisations and companies involved in the CO2COMPASS network offer corresponding services, they commit themselves according to the CO2COMPASS Codex to make their own business interests transparent.

For the supporting open data platform, the platform codex of the sustainable data platform regulates the handling of data.

Dr. Ulrich Leibfried, initiator of CO2COMPASS
Jörg Ortjohann, initiator of sustainable data platform

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